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My love for animals, and particularly for dogs, was born with me. 

At the age of four, I decided I would have become a vet. I was always running after dogs to cuddle them, getting dog magazines and collecting books and encyclopedias about animals and dogs.

Finally, after many hunger strikes and tearful letters to my parents, my first dog arrived! A lovely black English Cocker Spaniel girl named Vicky!

I can still remember my enormous emotion!

Vicky stayed at my side during the high school and the university, and she accompanied me to the veterinary degree.

My first meeting with a Flatcoated Retriever was fortuitous: I went with my mother to a dog show, and suddenly we came across a young "brown" girl, who had something of the setter, but it was not: we were immediately struck by her beauty and joy of life, and at that moment I promised myself that in the future there would have been a Flatcoated in my life!

And so, seven years later, Jolly arrived!

My passion for dogs and for the breed led me to attend dog shows, retrieving trainings and nutrition courses. 

Then came Breeze, Tessa, Agapi and Karma, together with the decision to start breeding, supported and beared by my three sons, Vittoria (Dodi), Tommaso and Francesca. 

Federica con Jolly
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